Hi :) I’m Tasha.

I help people explore the mystery of being alive through contemplative practice, creativity, and play.

Some know me as Tasha the Amazon, music producer, artist, and dropper of basslines. Others know me as cohost of the Mind Bod Adventure Pod with Calm App’s Jeff Warren, or as Lama Tasha – a contemplative teacher who is revitalizing meditation and practice vibes for the culture.

Many know me from my work mentoring and building opportunities for emerging artists, through organizations like Women in Music Canada and Artscape. And some just know me as that plant geek on Floralogic – a wildly popular show about weird plants with a community of 2 million viewers.

My music can be found on shows like InsecureBroad CityGenera+ionLove & Hip Hop and in videogames I’m not very good at. I’m Juno-nominated and I make Afrofuturism-heavy music videos⁠ that have won awards around the world, including at the MuchMusic Video Awards where I was the first woman to win Best Rap Video in the history of the award.

Publications like Billboard, New York Magazine, Afropunk, FADER and VICE sometimes write nice things about me. 

My sidekick is a Devon Rex named Sukha and my favorite emojis are: 👽🦄🧚🏼‍♀️ 

Some places you might find me & my work...

My Projects

Join me & Jeff as we explore the world of contemplative practice, one adventurous guest at a time. Season 2 premieres January 30, 2024!

I’m a Juno-nominated recording artist & music producer making Rap, R&B, House, and DnB.

My Telly-award winning YouTube show about weird plants, with a community of 2 million viewers.

A newsletter & community where we practice being creative, aware, meditating misfits in the trenches of culture.