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Bodhisavage is a newsletter & practice community for people who live beyond stereotypes about what mindfulness, spirituality, and art look like. 

It’s for those who want to go deeper, notice more, create better, love harder, and practice together in the trenches of the culture.

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Who's Behind Bodhisavage?

In the world of art & music, I’m Tasha the Amazon, surfer of crowds, dropper of phat basslines.⁠ In the world of meditation, I’m Lama Karma Jigme (or just Lama Tasha), a contemplative teacher in the Dzogchen Buddhist tradition. Elsewhere, I’m Tasha Schumann, writer, lover, Jamican-German-Torontonian unicorn.
I get super excited about exploring the “WTF-IS-GOING-ON-HERE?” of reality & helping others do the same. Ways I like to do that include: hosting the Consciousness Explorers Podcast with my friend Jeff Warren, mentoring emerging artists, and being a goof on Floralogic (a wildly popular YouTube show about plants).

Some places you might find me & my work...

Let’s see what’s possible when we explore being vibrant, creative, fearless humans on our own terms.

Like Bodhisattvas… but make it savage 😏

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